The Telelogic Examination Conservatory & Technological Exploratory Consortium (TECTEC), is an organization composed of the remnants of scientists, engineers, inventors, and doctors from the former leading universities, national and private laboratories, corporations, and government agencies whose aim is to preserve the existing scientific knowledge and innovate at the cutting edge to ensure the future of mankind. It is unaffiliated, free-standing and self-sufficient.


TECTEC exists as a an entity comprised of many different branches and satellite locations spread out across the former Americas. They are self-governed and overseen by the Technocratic Central Panel. The central headquarters is located in Cambridge (Commonwealth Borderlands). Notable locations include:

  • Cambridge
  • Rayton (former Auglaize County Ohio)
  • Charlotte (former North Carolina)
  • Calteka (former Southern California)
  • Loop (former Southern California)

Each location has permanent residents and whole families devoted to the cause and various disciplines. Different TECTEC institutions also offer classes and education to those who seek it, often in exchange for a mandatory period of research and work, or less commonly for a fee.


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