The Ten Years War

Between the winters of 2012 and 2022 the global political arena devolved into all out war between the EU and Russia. The catalyst can be traced to an incident involving a massacre on Russian troops stationed at the borders of the Ukraine and Belarus. In response, a fully prepared Russian military marched between the countries and, in widening their territory eventually took both nations.

In response to this – and the longest winter in recorded history, the EU launched a full scale assault to force back the Russian encroachment. Their resources were divided however, between the war effort and the relief being sent to affected countries. Not to mention the complete evacuation of member citizens from the ever growing glacial region.

The Field of Medicine in the First World at this time began to incorporate the cybernetic augmentation and bio-gels in earnest, adapting new technologies originally developed twenty years previously for rehabilitation of the disabled and crippled from birth. Now that assistant technology was seeing a rapid evolution towards militarisation. The exo-suits of the millennium were now akin in military supremacy to the armoured vehicles, shoulder-carried missiles and tanks of the previous decades in their own right. As the war dragged on, EU researchers began to incorporate internal augmentations to greater and untested lengths. What had begun with the necessary replacement of damaged limbs grew, with the assistance of Russian expatriates and American cybernetic researchers, a new global frontier of cybernetics was conceived.

In 2017, the glaciers engulf Finland, and the EU evacuates countries north of Poland, effectively holding the Last-Man-Standing border at Poland. Following the universal approval and instalment of William, Prince of Wales, as King of the EU, the capital was moved from the battle scarred lands of Britain to Madrid, Spain, where the royal family took up residence at the Royal Palace of Madrid, now command centre for the military effort.

In 2018, the first fully weaponized soldier is produced “that we know of by the league) and the war with Russia ended on the western frontier. The resultant campaigns have left the zone stretching from Greece north to Poland and the glaciers north there in, a no mans land. Littered with ruins and the scars of war slowly being buried under the ever falling snow.

With the west now effectively sealed, Russia turned its attention south to Kazakhstan, and faced little resistance before incorporating the country into its borders.

The EU now turns its eyes to the long game to the south. In 2014 Fins had taken their militarized force to the tropics as a preemptive move to found a new home for their people. By the time the EU made it their they had already entrenched themselves and were prepared to fight for their future. But thats another story. Involving the US

The Ten Years War

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