ITRS Aeonian


The ITRS Aeonian is part of the ITR effort in trans-Atlantic ferrying. It is one of the successors to the Astute class nuclear submarines . The nuclear power plants on board mean it has no need to refuel, only restocking food and munitions for its crew necessitate surfacing and as such spends months underwater.


Commissioned in 2012 at the start of the Ten Years War as part of the war effort, it left for its maiden voyage in 2020 from England under the UK as the HMS Aeonian. After a brief war campaign, it returned home and was retrofitted for its new task of ferrying survivors and refugees to warmer climates.

After the War, the Aeonian took to its new home in the ports of New Venice and found itself under a new commission as the ITRS Aeonian. Its new standing orders, to continue the transport of soldiers and civilians, foodstuffs and other provisions from port to port.

Rumours of “Piracy”

Post-War there are many people with many transportation needs, and in the New World there are varying definitions of ‘legal’ and ‘chartered’ and as such the ITR has found itself amongst rumours of sordid and unseemly association. The Aeonian itself is known as a trans-Atlantic ferry of differing reputation in various ports, accordingly.


Known Passengers

Dorian Andreikovich Belayalisky

ITRS Aeonian

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