Factions and Geography

As SKAVENGER exists on our Earth, most named places are familiar. Even the cultures aren’t much of a far cry from their real world origins.

This would be the case more consistently, if we ignore the reality that, for a growing portion of the planet, the landscape itself is unrecognizable. Blame the kilometer-deep glaciers for tearing up entire nations and sucking up the sea water.

It should be noted that the dissolution of countries and states have made old maps much less useful. Keeping track of territorial boundaries in a chaotic America, for example, is particularly challenging.

Notable Locations

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  • Canada
  • Last-Man-Standing, Zone 1
  • Mexican States
    • Tlamat City
      • The library
  • United States


  • Last-Man-Standing, Zone 3


  • Last-Man-Standing, Zone 2


  • Last-Man-Standing, Zone 4

Factions and Associations

Factions and Geography

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