The Basis for a Dying World

SKAVENGER’s chronology is like ours, but presupposes a single notable event that occurred in the summer of 1490, pulling Earth down a path not apparent to humanity until its effects were more or less obvious, near the turn of the 21st century.



The Doom mongering began in the mid to late 1970’s. There had been anecdotal evidence to support a global climate shift in the near future and while some scientists argued it was a natural occurrence, others felt is was a complication of our own endeavours to conquer mother nature in the name humanity. They called it global warming at first, climate change soon after, but what was about to happen would change the face of (Arrakis) the Earth for every generation there after.

The danger was only fully realized by a handful of scientists world wide, and even then is was spoken of in the kind of hushed silence that invoked their respective fears. It was one Dr. Rupert Barry , lead researcher at the National Snow and Ice Data Center who noticed the changes in the glaciers. He calculated the abrupt shift in climate and resented his findings at a European symposium in 1982 only to be ridiculed by the scientific community. “Is it not true that the earth is getting warmer within the projected norms?” Similar questions and outright mockery summarized his discussion session.

What he didn’t know was that scientists from Russia and Norway had corroborated his findings. It wouldn’t be revealed until the summer of 1998.

The world it seemed had brokered a transient peace in the face of the evidence.. A world panel 2000 even met in Switzerland to sign the World Peace Accords; and it looked as if war itself would end by the millennium, but not everyone was convinced it was the end.

Y2K came and went and the general attitude became one of disbelief. Had the climate changed yes, spring was coming later to the Northern countries, but if anything winter was more mild and the concern of earlier years began to all but dissipate.

The glaciers began to move in earnest late in 2010, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, being the first to face forced emigration, went south to Poland and the neighboring countries.

>> Coups-de-etats in USA 2012 enormous economic panic, USE Devolves in Chaos<<<
(cold war helped to accelerate voltaic tech)

Russia, unbeknownst to the world had created a division of its scientific research centers to climate monitoring; The Division of Climate and Environmental Affairs. They calculated the movement of northern glaciers into Siberia and northern Russia to an extent that worried the President, but there was no reason to act, not yet. Cabinet Political Analysts also predicted a decay in international borders and advised increasing border security. The President would sit on this until the emigration began.

It was an excuse, but a good one in his mind. Soon his own people would begin to lose ground to the impending ice sheets. So he used this apparent trespassing to militarize the borders to the south and west. The events to follow spiralled quickly out of control and would become known as The Ten Years War.

Between the winters of 2012 and 2022 the global political arena devolved into all out war between the EU and Russia. The catalyst can be traced to an incident involving a massacre on Russian troops stationed at the borders of the Ukraine and Belarus. In response, The fully prepared Russian military marched between the countries and, in widening their territory eventually took both countries.

In response to this – and the longest winter on recorded history, the EU launched a full scale assault to force back the Russian troops. Their resources were divided however, between the war effort and the relief being sent to affecters countries. Not to mention the complete evacuation of member citizens from the ever growing glacial region.

The Field of medicine at this time began to incorporate the cybernetic augmentation and bio-gels in earnest. It had been pioneered twenty years earlier for improving the lives of the disabled, now it was seeing a rapid evolution towards militarization. The exo-suits of the millennium were now akin to the military vehicles of the previous decades and tanks in their own right. And as the war dragged on, EU researchers began to incorporate internal augmentations as well. It began with the necessary replacement of damaged limbs but with the assistance of Russian expatriates and American cybernetic researchers a new frontier of cybernetics was conceived.

2017 – the glaciers engulf finland, and the EU evacuates countries north of Poland effectively holding the border at Poland. and following the universal approval and Installment of William, Prince of Wales as King of the EU, the capital was moved from the battle scarred lands of Britain to Madrid, Spain where the family took up residence at the Royal palace of Madrid, now command center for the military effort.

2018 – the first fully weaponized soldier is produced “that we know of by the league) and the war with Russia ended on the western frontier. The resultant campaigns have left the zone stretching from Greece north to Poland and the glaciers north there in, a no mans land. Littered with ruins and the scars of war slowly being buried under the ever falling snow.

With the west now effectively sealed, Russia turned its attention south to Kazakhstan, and faced little resistance before incorporating the country into its borders.

The EU now turns its eyes to the long game to the south. In 2014 Fins had taken their militarized force to the tropics as a preemptive move to found a new home for their people. By the time the EU made it their they had already entrenched themselves and were prepared to fight for their future. But thats another story. Involving the US

Summer 2022 – The fighting has stopped for the most part, and a closed summit was called by (an organization that deals in world affairs). It would be held in the City State of New Venice, home to the swiss royal family after the destruction of Switzerland and subsequent economic/political marriage.

The summit would convene to discuss the political and ecumenic state of the remaining world as well as the condition of the Green Zone (belt?) and the number of augments returning to the civilian workforce.

New Venice was constructed relatively quickly using techniques pioneered by the Chinese (and funded by the swiss bank). It was built atop the old city, creating a tiered society. It would become the political and scientific hub of the European Union: and as the water levels receded new yet old parts of the city became available for use, prime real-estate for a rapidly overcrowded world.

It was during the somewhat heated debates that a grandfather motion on internal augmentation passed.

(1) Companies within the EU could not discriminate against veterans with internal or external. (2) internalized augmentations after 2022 are limited for military use and must be registered with the EU for security. (3) internal augmentation of civilians, be it for cognitive or physical enchantment is prohibited. (4) internal augmentation of civilians for the improvement of quality of life is restricted, except for cases where medically necessary for life. (5) Failure to comply with these regulations warrants arrest and license suspension of all involved parties. (6) If it is found that an augmentation was acquired illegally, after the signing of this motion, that augmentation where possible, will be removed at the cost of the installer or on the next closest representative.

For the EU with thousands of augments to register and categorize this was a fair motion and incapsulated the experimental and in many cases black market augments soldiers acquired as the fighting had continued. However, for countries late to the game with fewer augments this posed a problem. America for its part pointed out the unfairness of the motion in that it created a loophole for companies to favor illicit augments in the hiring process despite the ramifications if discovered.

The response was surprising, after some deliberation it was determined that as the exact number and types of augmentations in the populace was largely unknown. A final clause was added; (7a) companies may require screening during yearly medical exams for illicit augmentation, subsequent identification requires report and justifies government compensation for termination of an employee. (7b) Failure to report identification of an illicit augment will terminate any and all EU contracts and may require further compensation by the company as determined by a panel EU selected peers.

America and a few other member nations were not amused by this and in truth many smaller would have backed out if the globe was in better sorts. America would remain a transient member until 2026.

Summer – 2026

Following its cessation from the EU, The New American Empire issued several new laws and mandates as it attempted to reel in dissension. It had become clear in the ensuing years since the summit that company discrimination against the unaugmented work force had grown. However, the economy in Europe had somewhat recovered and under EU authority was fairly strong. The US was another matter. Leaders would pass the mandate for Fair Augmentation and Transparency to ensure equal opportunity in the workplace. Subsequently, Augments from the EU were limited to international companies, those with diplomatic access, and military personal.

(not that illegal emanation was stopped all together mind you. But it was a fairly large road block)

November – 2034

The Americans were doing fairly well at this point, they had begun to follow a model that Russia had used after the war, retrofitting their universities to produce new technologies to help rebuild the economy. These would become the glue that the leadership would se to cement the populace, to promote advancement and learning.

It was working well until one morning in november. Eu Headquarters Picked up the disturbance almost immediately, the signal shorting out long range networks and arrays. The explosion was something else and could be seen from the coast, a plume of smoke and debris from the american coast. HQ expected tsumani but they never came. Rather there was a deafening silence from America. satellite telemetry confirmed something had decimated a small portion of the new york harbor. But what scans revealed made little sense. The network and all starlight communication went down soon there fter.

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